Meeting new Trees

It’s a while since I have written.  I have been preparing to travel to Canada to spend an extended time among the forests of the Rockies.

This is a tree I communed with before leaving Australia.  A beautiful Grandmother Snowgum.

It is early Spring in the Rockies and the trees and smaller plants are just waking up from their long winter slumber.

The weather turned wintry again for a while but the plants of course are well able to cope with that.

I hardly know the names of any of the trees here, but I’m sure they aren’t concerned about how humans name or classify them.

A couple of days ago I met an ancient Whitebark Pine above Bow Lake in Alberta.  A very ancient spirit with a young offspring beside her.

I read in a local paper that Whitebark Pine seeds are an important food source for Grizzly Bears, and they will raid Squirrel middens for them.

The Whitebark Pine inhabits steep slopes at high elevation and is classed as endangered in Alberta.  The trees scan live for 1100 years or more.  May they all do so.

Till next time….


Watering Junper’s Tree


Juniper is our dearly departed horse, and her tree is a Yellow Box (Eucalyptus melliodora)

Juniper came to us some years ago when our daughter bid for her at auction against the “Dogger”  (dogger – australian slang for a butcher who turns unwanted horses into dogfood).


She was only skin and bones when she joined our small herd but soon responded to love and good food, and lived her final years happy and cared for. She was an Australian Stock horse, grey in colour, gentle and sweet natured.  The vet estimated her age at somewhere between 25 and 35 years. Her death was sudden and unexpected (we were with her at the time)


She was buried where she died and a ring of stones placed around her.  I planted the tree there.

When it is dry I make regular visits to water it.  Summer here has done what it often does – lots of rain, then the tap turns off and it is now bone dry.

On my last visit I noticed a nearby tree suffering much more than Juniper’s from drought and insect attack.

That’s another feature of summer here, swarms of Eucalypt eating beetles. Juniper’s tree is not affected but many others are. Some have almost no leaves left.

So I am now watering both trees and hope the nearby one will flourish.  A couple of Springs ago it was healthy and leafy enough to shelter a nest for some tiny birds.

I will keep you posted on the little tree’s progress. Water and love should restore it.


Welcome to my first ever Blog post.  It has been a steep learning curve since I made the decision 10 days ago.

My main reason for starting a Blog is to support the trees.  Probably sounds crazy but you will get the idea as you follow along.  It is my attempt, however small, to make a difference for them.  More recognition, gratitude and respect.

I have been reading “Call of the Trees” by Dorothy Maclean and drawing attention to the plight of trees globally, and the dependance of all life on them, is important to me, and I hope it is to you.

My Blog will have :

A tree related entry.

Some photos and quotes.

Good news from the week.

Possibly a short reference to something I have found useful.

News about stuff going on here at home – what the wildlife is doing, flowers, etc.

And will showcase some of my Photographs.

Finally I want to thank Colin Wright for his book “Start a Freedom Business”  Colin gave me the push I needed to start this – an idea that had been around for a while.  I thoroughly recommend the book to anyone thinking of getting  out of their “job” situation.

My next post should contain most of the above menu.

Lots to learn.